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What we offer you

If you are considering the purchase of a house and  are looking for a Shariah Compliant Mortgage you have come to the right place. The fact that you are visiting this website suggests you are aware of the prohibition for a Muslim to give or receive interest (Riba). As you will be aware there are many verses in the Holy Quran and Ahadith (Prophetic Narrations) that clearly prohibit the use of Interest.

Islamic Mortgages A Viable Alternative to Interest Mortgages

We have now entered the dawn of a new era in the West and we have available to us viable alternatives to conventional interest based mortgages. Furthermore these mortgages have been approved by many leading scholars. The banks offer many different types of shariah compliant mortgages allowing you to finance the purchase of your home or the purchase of a buy to let property. If you want to purchase a new house, you already own a house and wish to buy another house to live in, you are refinancing or trying to release additional capital we can help you.

Do you qualify for a Shariah Compliant Mortgage?

All you need to do is check the general criteria for qualification, complete our short online form by supplying us with the basic details of your requirements and we will do the rest and put the lenders directly in touch with you!

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