Ahli Islamic Mortgages

Ahli Islamic Mortgages


The Ahli United Bank in the UK has been around since 1966 providing banking services between institutions in Kuwait and global markets as well as providing clients with practical financial advice and assistance in the United Kingdom (UK).

Ahli United are able to provide banking to its customer who require special needs and are able to understand their customers individual circumstances. This knowledge enables Ahli United to provide specialist mortgages that are in line with and approved under Shari’ah law.

It is against Islamic Law to pay or receive interest which creates a huge problem for Muslims living in Britain who are looking to buy a home. Until fairly recently only the very rich could by their own home.

AUBUK was once known as the United Bank of Kuwait have been offering home purchase plans since 1997. The plans are set out to meet specific standards of Islamic banking in the UK and were the first regulated bank in the United Kingdom to be off a mortgage product specifically for Muslims in the UK. The bank offers two types of Islamic finance, Murabaha and liara liara, both of which are approved under Shari’ah law.



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