British Muslim Awards 2014 presented by Islamic Bank of Britain

British Muslim Awards 2014 presented by Islamic Bank of Britain


7th February 2013 – Islamic Bank of Britain plc ( IBB , the UK’s only wholly Sharia compliant retail bank, presented the British Muslim Awards 2014 at a ceremony held at the Salford City Stadium, Manchester on Thursday 30th January.


The Awards ceremony was attended by over 500 guests.  Nominations from all over the country were submitted and representatives from IBB personally awarded three winners with their trophies.  These were for the following categories:

Asons Solicitors, winner of ‘Business of the Year’ category, presented by Imran Pasha, Head of Sales and Service, IBB
  •  Taz and Umer Sheikh of Gamucci, London, winners of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, presented by Zegum Hussain, Senior Branch Manager, IBB
  • Suttarwala Brothers, winner of ‘Businessman of the Year’ category, presented by Maisam Fazal, Head of Commercial Finance, IBB

Commenting on the event, Imran Pasha, Head of Sales and Service at the Bank said, ” IBB is honoured to present the British Muslim Awards again this year, as it begins celebrations for its own 10 year anniversary.   The Awards recognise the work of high calibre individuals, community groups and flourishing businesses, highlighting their incredible achievements. By showcasing such a range of successes, tonight’s event serves to remind us that the Muslim community makes a commendable contribution to British life and has a lot to be proud of.”

The full list of British Muslim Award 2014 winners can be found at the event website

 About Islamic Bank of Britain Islamic Bank of Britain plc (the Bank, IBB ) has pioneered Sharia compliant retail banking in the UK and now offers the largest range of Sharia compliant retail financial products in the UK. These include Sharia compliant mortgage alternatives, the Home Purchase Plan (HPP) and Buy to Let Purchase Plan (BTLPP), current accounts and savings accounts. The Bank was also the first to introduce Sharia compliant business banking to the UK, and now offers a wide range of institutional and business banking products and services, including Commercial Property Finance. Several of the Bank’s products remain unique in the UK retail financial market.

The Bank is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority and is a member of Financial Services Compensation Scheme. 

Sharia compliant banking operates without the use of interest and is founded on Islamic finance principles derived from trade, entrepreneurship and risk-sharing. IBB has a dedicated Sharia Compliance Officer (SCO) and a panel of respected Sharia Scholars, called the Sharia Supervisory Committee (SSC), which acts as an independent body to ensure that IBB ‘s products and activities are Sharia compliant.

As a Sharia compliant bank, the source of IBB ‘s funding, profits and business investments must be ethical.  They cannot be from businesses that are considered unlawful under Sharia law, i.e. companies that deal in interest, alcohol, gambling, pornography, speculation, tobacco, arms and other commodities contrary to Islamic values.

Whilst IBB offers products and services that are designed in accordance with Sharia principles, it is an inclusive, ethical organisation and welcomes customers of all faiths looking for a bank with a transparent, prudent and community-focused approach.

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